"The Cabinator"

Staying Busy

Risking life and limb to install the microwave vent for the kitchen I built on the other side of the wall.   Note the clamps securing a 2x4 to the downhill ladder  leg to stabilize the ladder on the steep hill. Also the ropes tied to the ladder to keep it from falling downhill.   Note the homeowner ensuring my safety and his continued low insurance premiums.






There's so much more to it than meets the eye in kitchen remodeling.








Here's another project outside of my normal realm.  Normally, I try to avoid working under the blistering sun of Hawaii, but this is a fence  I built  for our own property on

Kaneohe Bay.  The REAL pleasure of the craft is intensified a hundred fold when I make things for our own house.  This took me about six months to complete.  Only because

I was frequently interupted by welcome periods of paying jobs. 

 You don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive materials to make an artistic building statement.



Interesting fact:  The 4" diameter pieces of bamboo pictured

represent one week's growth in the forest.  It grows at the rate of 1/2" per HOUR, (12"per day) and it comes out of the ground at 4" diameter!!! 


Notice the artistic green stripes painted on by Mother Nature.   Soon to fade.   Aren't we all?







The customer required four of these radiator covers to beautify the ugly A.C. units and keep toddlers at bay.

 Employing state of the art computer assisted CNC router cutting to make the grilles, bringing costs down to a more earthly level.









These next close-ups show a few cabinet details that go unnoticed behind the scenes.  The  BLUM ® Tandem drawer glides with the soft-close

feature, the finished maple interiors with 1/8" solid wood edging to match the doors, the drawer lock joint and the 9 ply Baltic Birch drawer

sides.  Dovetailing is also available as an upgrade.  This unit is a trash/recycling pullout.








We pay very close attention the grain attenuation.  All the doors and drawer faces are cut from the same piece.  It's a subtle detail that screams "QUALITY!"

Note also that the outsides of the boxes, which never get seen, are also pre-finished to combat moisture.

This particular wood species is called SAPELE.  It's one of a few different families of African Mahogany.  Irredescent.  Holographic.  Very stable and consistent in color and

figure.  My favorite.








When you buy a custom cabinet, the inside looks as good as the outside.












Used to be a closet

Asian Bakers Island

Lean forward to get that mascara perfect.

Trestle table & bench

Cozy nook

Asian Media Center (Antique distressed)

Nana's kitchen

A place for chatchzkes and chatchzkes in their place.




 Action shot.  Business as usual at The Wedding Ring Shop.  "A Fine Mess"



Visit the newly expanded Wedding Ring Shop showroom on Kapiolani & Pensacola.  We proudly furnished all the wood showcase fixtures, benches, and various other wood work in the building.  

"Island 3" in progress

Asian antique

Black lacquer distressed Asian style.